CE1D math 2024

CE1D in maths. Preparing for the CE1D in Maths 2024 and passing the CE1D in Maths is something you learn! CE1D math exercises
Four students take a break from learning maths to pass the CE1D

Achieving success in CE1D math

Preparing for a successful ce1d Maths is a challenge for many of our children. How can you help your child with this task?

Let's start with a few practical tips that are immediately applicable.

Practical advice

Understanding the basic concepts of mathematics is like laying the foundations of a house. It's important if you don't want to build on sand ūüėČ So let's start at the beginning!

Practising maths every day, like playing sport, means training to reach a level of excellence.

Use online resources to test the knowledge you have acquired.

If you have difficulties, don't hesitate to ask for help.

Using active learning methods is like playing a game in survival mode - it's more fun and more effective.

Linking mathematics to real life is a proven method of retaining information.

Organise like a warlord, plan your mathematical attacks and stick to your plans.

Our solution: 1. Identify shortcomings

It is vitally important to identify your child's potential strengths and weaknesses carefully before correcting them. Some children may be lacking in geometry, while others have difficulty with algebra. In this way, we begin to understand precisely what your child's specific needs are, so that we can address them in a targeted and efficient way.

Diagnosis, followed by reinforcement

A diagnosis carried out by tutoring professionals will provide a precise assessment of your child's preparation for success in maths at CE1d level. This will enable us to identify the subject areas that need strengthening. We will then focus on active reinforcement, consolidating your child's preparation to pass the ce1d in maths.

Practising with previous years' ce1d maths

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