Easter 2023 Assisted Blockade - for effective knowledge acquisition

School assistance

The forces of the Blockade assisted Cogito:

  1. Qualified trainers (min. 5 years of higher education);
  2. Three hours of actual monitoring every day (assisted blockade is not supervised study)
  3. A plan, a structure, a rhythm, schedules, a method
  4. Individual explanations and simulated exams reproducing real conditions (MCQs/QRMs)
  5. A complete integrated design solution
  6. Twenty years of experience in organising assisted blockades

Who is the Cogito Blockade for?

The assisted blockade is aimed at all higher education students, from medicine to law to graduate schools (ICHEC, EPHEC, ECAM, 'Gramme'., HelmoThe following schools have been chosen for this purpose: Arteveldehogeschool (Gent), Erasmushogeschool Brussel (Brussel), Antwerp Maritime Academy (Antwerp), Odisee (Brussel, Dilbeek, Gent, Aalst, Sint-Niklaas), Hogeschool Gent (Gent, Aalst, Melle, Bottelare), LUCA School of Arts (Brussel, Genk, Gent, Leuven), etc.) Indeed, students are welcome for this tailor-made blockade and exam help. Cogito makes it a point of honour to comply strictly with the health standards in force. Therefore, the number of students we welcome is limited.

Next dates: Easter 2023, 3-7 April 2023 (request for info assisted blockade).

What is the objective? To prepare intensively and then pass the June exams. The student prepares for the exams in a serious working atmosphere, with qualified trainers trained to help the student make the best use of each day of the assisted blockade in order to succeed. Request information on the Easter 2023 assisted blockade via the form below.

Would you like to take stock of your situation and plan your assisted blockade rationally? Then we offer you the Diagnostic Appointment and our Seminar in Academic Working Methods.

Good academic results

A pro blockade with many advantages:

Three hours of individualised follow-up per day

Individual courses and seminars Method

Follow-up in the study (overall programme, specific deadlines) + Examination simulations

Coaching, study and working method

  1. Three times one hour of coaching per day. The student will be helped in planning his work, in understanding his subject and in appropriating it. The student will ask questions and be questioned daily by a trainer specialised in the subject studied, according to his/her needs and expectations. In this respect, the student will adopt a proactive attitude: it is up to him/her to be on time for the previously scheduled appointment;
  2. Of these three hours, one hour is strictly individual, two hours are conducted in small groups (emulation, interactivity) by the same trainer all day;
  3. Modules on different aspects of the working method are organised throughout the week, taking into account the demands and needs of the students present.
Blockade schedule

Blockade tips

norm pyramid according to Hans Kelsen

Refutation of Hans Kelsen's concept of law, by Drieu Godefridi

According to Kelsen, the norm that enshrines the arbitrariness of an authority has the highest degree of legal generality.

We begin by examining Hans Kelsen's definition of normative generality (Chapter 1), formulating our thesis. We then examine the question of whether individual norms can be deduced from general norms (Chapter 2), which will allow us to consider one of Kelsen's objections to the proposed concept of generality. Refutation of Hans Kelsen's concept of law, by Drieu Godefridi

image from the film 'Her' on the rise of the chatgpt

Should we be afraid of ChatGPT

Faced with the emergence of chatbots such as ChatGPT and its little brothers (and sisters), two attitudes stand out: to take the 'bot' in error, to understand its usefulness.