Stage d'étude Mai

Du 8 au 12 mai 2023

There, from the working method to the exam simulations, the Cogito study course will be an active concentrate of progress

Student who needs tutoring in math, French and science

2022-2023, math, science, languages, CE1D, passing exams

In brief:

  • Students work in small groups of 5 students per trainer for 5 periods of one and a half hours separated by breaks;
  • The trainer reviews the course, sets short-term objectives, questions each student, re-explains problematic parts of the material and gives methodological advice applied to the subject;
  • The student's proactivity is thus stimulated, while at the same time allowing for an in-depth review of the content of the subjects.


  • Learn / consolidate a working method;
  • So, review subjects with specific deadlines;
  • To integrate a rhythm and a dynamic of work;
  • This, in a friendly atmosphere & structured for study.

So entrust us with your child, we will help him/her to progress while consolidating his/her fundamental knowledge: maths lessons, science lessons, languages, French.

Votre actualité: Stage Mai: externat, à LLN et Bruxelles, et internat

The programme of our 2022-2023 courses, boarding, day and distance learning, is tailor-made, depending on the subjects that each student wishes to (re)work on. Math, science, French, Dutch, physics, chemistry... (between one and three subjects can be reviewed) or languages (English, Dutch, Spanish). Consequently, the manager is supported by as many qualified trainers as the number of students present justifies.

This means that your child's course is "calibrated", on request, according to his/her specific needs.

Then contact us and we will analyse your child's needs with you. Whatever the level (middle school, high school, college, all humanities). In order to adjust the course to his individual needs (reinforcement).

Full programme 2022-2023

  1. Autumn residential course from Monday 31 October to Friday 4 November 2022 in Gembloux (or equivalent infrastructure). Request for information
  2. Then, December exam preparation weekends: externship, in LLN and Brussels: 3-4 December 2022 and 10-11 December 2022. Request for information
  3. Then, Winter Externship in LLN and Brussels, from Monday 26 to Friday 30 December 2022. Request for information
  4. Then, a winter residential course from Monday 2 to Friday 6 January 2023 in Gembloux (or equivalent infrastructure). Request for information
  5. Afterwards, Carnival externship in LLN and Brussels, from 27 February to 3 March 2023. Request for information
  6. Then, a residential carnival course from Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March 2023 in Louvain la Neuve. Request for information
  7. May externship course in LLN and Brussels, Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 May 2023. Request for information
  8. Then, a residential course in May from Monday 8 to Friday 12 May 2023 in Gembloux (or equivalent infrastructure). Request for information
  9. Then, Week-ends to prepare for end of year exams (CE1D, CESS etc), externship: in LLN and Brussels: 20-21 May 2023 27-28-29 May 2023 3-4 June 2023 10-11 June 2023. Request for information


Individual follow-up at a distance and with high added value for your child is also organised throughout the year, from September to August.

Good academic results

The study course is aimed at all secondary school students (humanities) who wish to progress in their basic knowledge.

So, 20 years of patient refinement, via the satisfaction questionnaires submitted to our students, will be at your disposal

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It's back to school... again! We hope that the new school year has gone well for you and your children. We are aware that organisational changes in schools can be surprising. However, we are confident that these changes have been put in place for the well-being and development of all pupils.

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