Refutation of Hans Kelsen's concept of law, by Drieu Godefridi

norm pyramid according to Hans Kelsen

According to Kelsen, the norm that enshrines the arbitrariness of an authority has the highest degree of legal generality.

We begin by examining Hans Kelsen's definition of normative generality (Chapter 1), formulating our thesis. We then examine the question of whether individual norms can be deduced from general norms (Chapter 2), which will allow us to consider one of Kelsen's objections to the proposed concept of generality. Refutation of Hans Kelsen's concept of law, by Drieu Godefridi

Should we be afraid of ChatGPT

image from the film 'Her' on the rise of the chatgpt

Faced with the emergence of chatbots such as ChatGPT and its little brothers (and sisters), two attitudes stand out: to take the 'bot' in error, to understand its usefulness.

Note-taking tips

Note-taking student

Tips and recommendations for note-taking at university and college


Wide range of possibilities (options)

How to prepare an MCQ/QRM? How to manage this examination modality?


memorise better

"You who enter here, abandon all hope", says Virgil, then Dante, before leading us to hell. To say that memorization is hell may seem excessive. However, at any other stage of the study - comprehension, selection, restitution, exercises, etc. - memorization is unquestionably essential. - Memorization is undoubtedly the most painful part of the learning process.