Method & materials (primary)

Gentle support to strengthen the foundations, towards the CEB

To help your children do their homework and prepare them for the external certification test CEBby redoing the CEB 2022CEB 2021, etc.

student preparing for the CEB

"More than one in three pupils aged 10 to 15 has already taken private lessons". (RTL info) "Good methods are acquired from an early age.

Every day of the week, we welcome your child from Primary 4 to Primary 6, in our "Method & Subjects" centres or at a distance (by videoconference), for two-hour work sessions that allow them to learn:

  • To get up to speed in difficult subjects
  • To prepare for the inter-course and the CEB
  • To gradually acquire a method of working that will enable them to look forward with confidence to the end of their primary education and then their secondary education
  • This is done in the context of a small group whose presence both reassures and stimulates the student.

The Méthode & matières sessions offer primary school children who want to ensure their school career and the CEB an integrated school support solution (work method, work programme, individual explanations, exam simulations) in an optimal setting (motivation, calm, emulation). The aim is to achieve success and progress!

Cogito will quickly become like your child's second school, only nicer, more individualized and, above all, more efficient!

Cogito study and language courses

Students enrolled in Méthode & matières come to study at the Cogito study centres in Brussels (Uccle, Jette or Woluwé), Louvain-la-Neuve, Waterloo, Namur, Liège, Charleroi, Mons, Tournai and Arlon on Mondays, optionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16.15 to 18.15, on Wednesday afternoons and on Saturdays, all day.

The objective of Méthode & matières is the success of the student. Students are integrated into a team under the guidance of a Cogito coach: this is a proven method for motivating them (emulation) and for creating a positive and proactive study climate.

In summary, the Method & Materials sessions are :

  • a working method
  • individual explanations
  • simulations of interros
  • to make effective progress in the study of courses in a friendly environment
Good academic results

Primary Method & Subjects is aimed at all primary school pupils, whatever their level.

Success in secondary school is learned in primary school!

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