Become a trainer at Cogito

If you are not yet a Cogito trainer and wish to become one, either at the higher or secondary level, the conditions are as follows

  • Hold a full university Master's degree;
  • Follow a (free) training course organised by Cogito for new trainers. To become a Cogito Coach, you will have to follow a specific training course that we organise for this purpose (also free of charge). Cogito Coaches are above all experienced trainers; they are, in a way, the elite of Cogito trainers. You don't apply to become a Coach, you become one through experience and according to the degree of satisfaction and success of the students you have followed as a Trainer.
  • Extract from the Cogito trainer's contract: "The trainer undertakes to always complete the contracts that he/she has started".
  • Extract from the Cogito trainer's contract: "Within the framework of Cogito, the trainer will not under any circumstances accompany his or her own students to university, high school or secondary school.
  • If these conditions suit you, please send us your application by completing our form.


Tip: In addition to filling out the form, don't hesitate to let us know on the Cogito Facebook page or Twitter account!

Dear trainers

Please be assured that we carefully consider all applications that we receive. The fact that we have nothing to offer you immediately does not mean that your application has been rejected: we will keep your CV. However, we will only contact you if we have something to offer you.

Thank you for your understanding.

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