What is Cogito?

Cogito is an educational organisation offering courses and tutoring to students and adults at all levels, from primary to higher education and beyond, in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

How does Cogito help students?

Cogito offers one-to-one tuition, coaching, seminars on working methods and assisted blockade sessions to improve students' academic performance and boost their self-confidence.

What types of courses does Cogito offer?

Cogito offers a variety of courses covering different subjects, including mathematics, chemistry, law, physics and medicine.

What subjects does Cogito cover?

Subjects covered include science, languages, mathematics and a number of areas specific to higher education.

How can I request information and prices?

Information and prices can be requested via the Cogito website, by e-mail or by telephone.

How good are the teachers at Cogito?

The teachers at Cogito are highly qualified, with a minimum of BAC+3 for secondary education and BAC+5 for higher education, and are trained in coaching techniques.

How do I register with Cogito?

Enrolment begins with a preliminary interview to assess the student's specific needs, followed by personalised enrolment on the appropriate programme.

What kind of support is available for secondary school students?

For secondary schools, Cogito offers study courses, individual support and sessions to improve academic performance and understanding of subjects.

How does Cogito help primary school pupils?

For primary schools, Cogito offers programmes to reinforce the fundamentals and prepare for assessments (CEB, in particular), with particular attention paid to understanding the subjects.

What teaching methods are used for primary school pupils?

Cogito uses methods that include reinforcing fundamentals, developing attention and memory, and preparing for assessments.

What is the assisted blockade proposed by Cogito?

The Assisted Blockade is a complete study solution offering intensive coaching during periods of preparation for higher education exams (universities, colleges).

What type of coaching is available for higher education?

Coaching for higher education includes comprehensive support in all subjects, memorization techniques and exam preparation.

How do private lessons at Cogito work?

Private lessons at Cogito are tailored to the specific needs of the student, with qualified instructors for each subject.

What advice does Cogito have for success in higher education?

Cogito suggests strategies such as assessing knowledge, structuring study time and using effective memorisation techniques.

What study options are available for CE1D?

For the CE1D, Cogito offers special preparation packages, including mock exams and intensive courses, as well as dedicated weekends.

How does Cogito prepare students for exams?

Cogito prepares students for exams by providing intensive courses, exam simulations and personalised coaching.

What specific services are available for industrial engineering students?

For industrial engineering students, Cogito offers specific coaching, including one-to-one tuition in subjects specific to this field.

What is the process for becoming a Cogito trainer?

To become a Cogito trainer, candidates must have an appropriate level of education and go through a training process in Cogito's teaching methods.

How can I contact Cogito?

Cogito can be contacted via their website, by e-mail or by telephone for information or registration requests.

Are there any support courses during the school holidays?

Cogito often offers support courses and revision sessions during the school holidays, particularly for exam preparation.

How does Cogito manage distance or online courses?

Cogito offers distance or online course options, including videoconferencing sessions, to support students wherever they are.

What are Cogito's priorities for ensuring student success?

Cogito's priorities include improving academic performance, boosting self-confidence and developing effective working methods.

How does Cogito help students organise and manage their time?

Cogito teaches students how to organise their study time effectively and manage their workload to maximise their success.

What is the success rate of students on Cogito programmes?

Although respect for privacy prohibits Cogito from requesting results from its students, 80% of the exams to the preparation of which Cogito contributes are passed (including university exams).

What memorisation techniques does Cogito teach?

Cogito teaches a variety of memorisation techniques, including structured methods and strategies tailored to each student.

Does Cogito offer training courses for foreign students?

Yes, Cogito welcomes foreign students and offers courses tailored to their specific needs.

What is the feedback from students who have used Cogito's services?

Student testimonials generally suggest an improvement in their academic performance and satisfaction with the services offered.

How does Cogito adapt to different student learning profiles?

Cogito assesses the individual needs of each student to offer tailor-made support adapted to their unique learning profile.

Is there any specific advice for parents on how to support their children in their studies?

On request, Cogito can offer advice to parents on how to support their children effectively in their school careers.

What is Cogito's commitment to inclusive education?

Cogito is committed to providing inclusive educational support tailored to the needs of all students, whatever their situation.

What are Cogito's strategies for boosting students' self-confidence?

Cogito uses strategies such as personalised coaching, positive feedback and progressive success to boost students' self-confidence.

How does Cogito help students overcome difficulties in specific subjects?

Cogito offers one-to-one tuition and targeted coaching to help students overcome difficulties in specific subjects.

Are there any workshops or seminars open to students to help them improve their working methods?

Cogito organises seminars and workshops focusing on improving working methods and personal development, as well as advice on time management and organisation.

What are the criteria for choosing a Cogito trainer?

Cogito trainers are chosen for their level of education, their expertise in their specific field, and their ability to pass on their knowledge effectively.

How does Cogito monitor each student's progress?

Cogito regularly monitors student progress through ongoing assessments, feedback and personalised adjustments to lesson plans.

What is Cogito's privacy policy regarding student data?

Cogito's confidentiality policy aims to protect students' personal information in accordance with data protection laws.

What are the terms and conditions of use of Cogito services?

The terms and conditions of use of Cogito's services are available on their website and cover the legal aspects of the use of their services.

Does Cogito offer educational or career guidance?

Cogito offers academic and career guidance, helping students to choose courses suited to their interests and skills.

How does Cogito evaluate the effectiveness of its educational programmes?

Cogito evaluates the effectiveness of its programmes through feedback, assessments of student performance and ongoing analysis of improvements in academic results.

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