Weekends CE1D CESS exams

On the road to success for CE1D 2024 CESS 2024!

Student who needs tutoring in math, French and science

Weekends CE1D CESS exams

To prepare the CE1Dthe CESS or the exam session organised by your child's school, we offer CE1D CESS exam weekends. 

These weekends are organised in our offices or remotely, as you wish. Each working day starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm. Don't worry: there will be a one-hour lunch break at midday 😉 as well as short breaks to wind down the working sessions. Dates: 2-3 December 2023 and 9-10 December 2023.

The aim is to help your child reach the level to pass the various CE1D, CESS and end-of-year exams: ce1d math, ce1d science, ce1d French, ce1d Dutch or English and the exams. Their current knowledge is tested at the beginning of the first weekend, so that we can identify the areas that they need to work on with them, and then actively consolidate and complete their knowledge. All this is achieved through individualised support.

The trainers are selected for their dynamism and pedagogy.

Objectives of the CE1D CESS Weekends exams :

In summary, the aim of the weekends is to :

  • Finalise in-depth understanding
  • Make the most of full days of study in the run-up to exams
  • Refine the working method in a targeted way
  • Testing and validating assimilation
  • Success (concrete pragmatic objectives, not just abstract revision)

The Cogito weekend in 4 words:

  • Method
  • Review
  • Anticipate
  • Aiming for success!
Good academic results

2-4 days of concentrated virtuous study for all students

Every student on a ce1d cess exam weekend goes home having made progress and consolidated what they have learnt.

Preparation of the CE1D

Cover CE1D math

CE1D math

Preparing for and passing the CE1D math 2024. CE1D 2023 and previous years (with answers!). Exercises CE1D.

ce1d english

CE1D English 2024

Preparing for CE1D English. To help you prepare for the CE1D English exam, here are some useful techniques and advice, and the Cogito solution.

ce1d french

CE1D French 2024

Preparing for and passing the French CE1D 2024. CE1D 2023 and previous years (with answers!). Exercises CE1D.

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