Succeeding in secondary school,
it can be learned!

So, find out more about our academic support for success, our CEB preparations, CE1D, CESS

Academic support, study courses, study weekends: because Cogito is at the service of the success of exams.

And specific preparation for the tests CEB, CE1D, CESS are planned throughout our activities.

Student who needs tutoring in math, French and science

School support, from Cogito (1st to 6th grade)

As a secondary school student, your child is experiencing friction in one or more subjects (maths course, Dutch language courses, Latin courses, science courses, etc.), or:organization of his work, of working method ?

Would you like to help your child, for example, to prepare for their CE1D or CESS? Soutien scolaire should meet his needs.

Cogito study courses (1st to 6th grade)

In search of a holiday tutoringto prepare for exams, the CEB, CE1D or the CESS, or exams?

The ce1d Cogito weekend

Need a helping hand towards the success of the ce1d (math, science, modern languages, French)?

Consider the ce1d study weekend!

Good academic results

Cogito is aimed at all secondary school students (humanities), from the first year to rhetoric.

For 20 years, Cogito has been refining its model of tutoring for secondary school students, an original and qualitative model.

Tips for success in secondary school

Drink to help you study when it's cold
Working method university

How to study when it's cold

How to study when it's cold. There are several tips for studying effectively in cold weather.

Tools for learning maths
Secondary News

How to study maths?

Studying mathematics can be a daunting task, but here are some steps that can help you maximise your learning

Student who sees the light through academic coaching
Secondary News

What is school coaching?

School coaching is a form of tutoring that aims to help students overcome difficulties in their school career.