Succeeding in secondary school,
it can be learned!

Find out more about our formulas for success and our preparation for the CEB, CE1D, CESS

École n°2', study courses, study weekends: Cogito is there to help you pass your exams.

And specific preparation for the CEB, CE1D and CESS tests is provided in all our activities.

Student who needs tutoring in math, French and science

School n°2, from Cogito (1st to 6th)

As a secondary school student, your child is experiencing difficulties in one or more subjects (math class, Dutch class, Latin class, science class, etc.), or in the organisation of his/her work, or in his/her work methods?

Would you like to help them prepare for their CE1D or CESS, for example? Our School n°2 package should be just what they need.

Cogito study courses (1st to 6th grade)

Are you looking for a holiday course to acquire new knowledge, prepare for exams, the CEB, CE1D or CESS, or for examinations?

Cogito ce1d exam weekend

Need a helping hand towards success in CE1d (maths, science, modern languages, French)?

Consider the ce1d study weekend, the benchmark in this field.

Good academic results

Cogito is aimed at all secondary school students (humanities), from the first year to rhetoric.

For 25 years, Cogito has been refining its original, high-quality School No. 2 model for secondary school students.

Tips for success in secondary school

Cover CE1D math

CE1D math

Preparing for and passing the CE1D math 2024. CE1D 2023 and previous years (with answers!). Exercises CE1D.

Arrows for working method
Secondary News

Working method

Four Strategies for Effective Working 1. Evaluating your knowledge 2. Structuring Study Time 3. Non-Alternation of Subjects 4. The "Why" Technique

private tuition in maths (einstein)
Secondary News

Private lessons in math

Private tuition in maths. If you are concerned about your child's academic difficulties in maths and are struggling to provide the help they need, you may be looking for a qualified, reliable teacher who is available quickly to take charge of the situation. Thanks to our personalised coaching approach, Cogito will help your child to find his or her own way of working - his or her own path - so that he or she can succeed in quizzes and exams and regain self-confidence. Our aim is to provide a course tailored to their specific needs so that they can make significant progress.

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