School no. 2

Consolidate basic knowledge, prepare for exams and the CEB, ce1d and CESS tests through quality support

Student who needs tutoring in math, French and science

Individual or small group

Because success in secondary school has to be worked on!

Throughout Belgium, our support sessions offer secondary school students who want to learn how to learn and ensure their academic progress an integrated support solution (work method, work programme, individual explanations, maths lessons, French lessons, science lessons, exam simulations) in an optimal setting (motivation, calm, emulation). Aiming for success!

During the sessions, the trainer checks for understanding (maths lessons, French lessons, Dutch lessons, science lessons, etc.), gives explanations on concepts or exercises that block the student. Always taking care to encourage the emergence of the solution in the student himself. This approach is essential for long-term progress.

As School No. 2, Cogito will quickly become your child's second school, in a friendly, individualised and, above all, effective mode!

School No. 2 or tutoring?

The School n°2 sessions (in small groups or individually) are led by BAC+5 supervisors, trained by us in the best pedagogical techniques to help students study. In addition to the individual explanations they need in maths, Dutch, French, etc., Cogito offers students a study context in which they can learn to work effectively on their own. So it's more than just tutoring'.


In a nutshell, the École n°2 Cogito sessions are :

  • A working method
  • Individual explanations
  • Simulations of interviews
Good academic results

For all secondary school students, thanks to the individualised approach

École n°2 offers all the advantages of private tuition, plus the added benefit of being part of a dynamic. Because with us, students learn to 'work' 😉

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