The orientation assessment
Find your way!

What studies to choose, what to do, to study, yes, but what? What are the opportunities, what will be my future, what path to take towards my goal, how to make sure I don't hesitate any more?
What direction, what future?

School assistance

If you are asking yourself these questions, the career assessment is for you!

Together, we will assess your abilities and aspirations and help you narrow down the field of possibilities, so that you can choose the path that suits you best.

After leaving secondary school, or after an unsuccessful first year of higher education, many students are unsure of what direction to take in their studies. However, the right choice of course of study contributes greatly to the success of their studies.

Far from being prescriptive or peremptory, as were certain "tests" in the past, the orientation assessment is essentially intended to be an opening for reflection on the part of the student so that he or she can make a serious, lasting and informed commitment to an academic career (university or college)

Good academic results

Advantages of the guidance assessment

  • Name the actual study opportunities
  • Identify your own capabilities
  • Identify concrete futures based on the studies undertaken
  • Narrowing the field of possibilities
  • Prepare for an effective choice.

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