Cogito private lessons

Are you looking for private lessons or a teacher for a difficult subject?
Cogito courses are for you!

School assistance

Are you experiencing occasional difficulties in a subject on your course?

Would you like to 'teach' a course that is known to be problematic, in statistics, biology, ecopol, constitutional law, general or analytical accounting, physiology or other?

Whether you are a BAC or Master student, our individual courses are your solution, in addition to the assisted blockade.

Cogito courses help students in higher education (universities, colleges) to pass their exams. Coaching cours particuliers is a strictly individual formula - all our trainers are university graduates - which answers the student's questions in his or her subjects, helps him or her to structure his or her study throughout the term, and enables him or her to evaluate his or her knowledge regularly.

The aim is to enrol the student in a dynamics of effective knowledge acquisitionThe reality of which, validated by the trainer, allows him/her to consider passing the test.

Good academic results

For 20 years, we have been producing the right teacher (trainer) for your tutoring needs. Try us out!

  • Professors (trainers) BAC+5
  • A precise response to your needs
  • As intensive and regular a follow-up as you wish