Private lessons in math

Private tuition in maths. If you are concerned about your child's academic difficulties in maths and are struggling to provide the help they need, you may be looking for a qualified, reliable teacher who is available quickly to take charge of the situation. Thanks to our personalised coaching approach, Cogito will help your child to find his or her own way of working - his or her own path - so that he or she can succeed in quizzes and exams and regain self-confidence. Our aim is to provide a course tailored to their specific needs so that they can make significant progress.
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 Private lessons in math

Private tuition in maths has a number of advantages for students. Here are some of the advantages of private tuition in mathematics.

Personalised learning

Private tuition gives students the benefit of individual, personalised attention from their Cogito trainer. The trainer adapts his or her teaching to the specific needs of the student, identifying gaps, difficulties and strengths. This enables a tailored learning programme to be devised and progress to be made at a more efficient pace.

In-depth explanation of concepts

Mathematics is abstract and sometimes difficult to get to grips with. Private tuition offers the opportunity to get in-depth explanations of mathematical concepts. The Cogito trainer takes the time to explain the basic concepts, to provide concrete examples and to answer the student's specific questions, which makes understanding easier.

Consolidating knowledge

Private lessons help to consolidate knowledge already acquired. The Cogito trainer reviews previous lessons, helping the student to understand the mistakes made and correcting them. This consolidation is essential to establish a solid foundation in mathematics and avoid the accumulation of gaps.

Exam preparation

One-to-one tuition is particularly useful for preparing for important exams or assessments. The Cogito trainer (a civil engineer) helps students to familiarise themselves with the exam format, understand the types of questions asked and acquire specific problem-solving skills. This boosts self-confidence and improves performance in the assessments.

Extending your knowledge

For students who have a particular interest in mathematics and wish to go beyond the school curriculum, private tuition offers the opportunity to deepen knowledge in specific areas. The teacher introduces more advanced concepts, proposes more complex exercises and stimulates the student's intellectual curiosity.

In conclusion, for those who are struggling or who want to go further in maths, private tuition is an excellent way of improving their maths skills.

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