How to prepare for CE1D? Math, French, Science, English.
student preparing for the CE1D

Preparing for the CE1D

As you know, theexternal certification test CE1D will take place this year, in June 2023, in what we hope will be "normal" conditions 😉 All indications are that they will be. This test validates your child's knowledge. It attests to his or her ability to continue successfully in secondary school.

Identifying deficiencies

Our children have accumulated deficiencies due to the "context" of the COVID pandemic. Therefore, it is important to identify your child's deficiencies accurately. This, before to remedy this. One child will have deficiencies in math, another in French. We will therefore start by identifying our child's needs and then provide for them in a targeted and effective manner.

Diagnosis, then reinforcement

A diagnosis carried out by professionals in the field of school support allows us to accurately assess your child's level of preparation for the CE1d. This is done by identifying the subjects to be reinforced. Then comes the reinforcement   to actively consolidate your child's preparation, with an emphasis on subjects that require it.

These services benefit from being strictly individual and can be carried out remotely, without difficulty (because strictly individual). Information on the preparation weekends of the ec1d

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