Managing heat when studying

How to deal with heat when studying? Heat and good study tips.
student who is too hot

Managing heat when studying is not always easy. Should you turn on the air conditioning? Should you work in the open air? Should you get closer to a water source, or even study in the bathtub (as in my case)? On 16 June 2022, Cogito's administrator answered Thomas de Bergeyck's questions in the RTL-Info 18h programme:

1. How do you deal with the heat when you are studying? What is your first tip for study when it's this hot?

2. According to a Harvard University studyThe students in a non-air-conditioned building perform 13% worse than the others. What do you think? Is studying outdoors the 'right' plan?

3. Airco, a necessary step towards a serene study?

4. Is studying in a body of water a good idea?

5. Do you recommend studying at night or in the early morning in case of hot weather?

6. How many hours do you need to study in a day to perform well in the long term?

The heat does not make studying any easier, that is for sure. We advise our students to turn this disadvantage into an advantage, by not hesitating to oxygenate themselves between study periods, to get back in touch with nature, to walk (rather than drinking 'energy drinks'!). Organising a strong draught offers a serious alternative to air conditioning - which should not be used as a matter of course. Studying 750 pages of anatomy or public law in the bathtub seems somewhat illusory, even perilous 😉 Studying at night, why not, but beware: exams take place during the day! Getting started early in the morning seems, on the other hand, a perfectly excellent solution.

You have to learn how to manage the heat when you're studying', explains Cogito's administrator

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