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Preparing for CE1D English. To help you prepare for the CE1D English exam, here are some useful techniques and advice, and the Cogito solution.
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Preparing for CE1D English over the long term

Firstly, it is important to attend lessons regularly and to participate actively by asking questions and doing exercises in class.

Outside school hours, devote enough time to personal study of CE1D English by revising lessons, reading texts in English and writing sentences or short texts.

 You can also use online learning tools or applications to reinforce your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary in preparation for CE1D.

On and off the course

It's also a good idea to practise English as much as possible, whether with friends, family or native speakers. Why not watch one or other Netflix or Amazon series in English, even if it means opting for subtitles - in English too, of course 😉

Don't hesitate to ask your teacher for help if you are having difficulty with certain parts of the subject.  

Set yourself realistic goals and follow them regularly.

Cogito coaches you to success in CE1D

At Cogito, we take the approach of identifying your child's specific weaknesses and then addressing them in a targeted and effective way. A professional assessment will enable us to determine your child's level of preparation for CE1D English and identify areas that need strengthening.

We will then work actively to reinforce these specific skills by focusing on those aspects of the CE1D that need them, for example as part of the intensive CE1D weekends in May and June.

English CE1D 2022, 2021, 2020 and earlier years

Finally, for practice, use the CE1D English tests previous years. This will help you to familiarise yourself with the format and type of questions you will face in the exam.  


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CE1D ENGLISH 2020 test

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CE1D ENGLISH exam 2019

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CE1D English exam 2018

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CE1D English test 2017

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CE1D ENGLISH 2016 edition

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By following these tips, you'll make progress in English and prepare yourself - or your child - for the CE1D exam with confidence. Everything you always wanted to know about CE1D: the summary!

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