CE1D French 2023

Preparing for and passing the French CE1D 2023. CE1D 2022 and previous years (with answers!). Exercises CE1D.
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Pass the CE1D French test by yourself resulting in with past exams.

Here are the events from previous years:


Listening task:

The 2021 test is labelled "CE1D French 2020" because it is the test originally planned for that year. Following the cancellation of the June 2020 test after the printing of the student materials, it was decided, after checking its conformity with the essential objectives, to use it in June 2021 in the interests of economy and ecology.


Listening task - CE1D 2020

CE1D French 2019

Listening task:

CE1D French 2018

Listening task - CE1D 2018

CE1D French 2017

Listening task:

and their complete answer keys:






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