Ten tips for a successful second session!

Ten tips for a successful second session! Ten precepts to help you succeed in your second session.
Student moving towards the successful completion of her second term

5 general tips

1. Planning: it is important to divide the number of study days between the subjects to be retaken, to give some visibility (e.g. 4 study days per subject);

2. Realism: spending a second full term at ECAM while going away for three weeks in July for a scout camp... deserves, perhaps, a period of reflection 😉

3. Regularity: avoid 'tunnels' of 14 hours of study/day. Blockade + session = substantive test; it is important to set a regular rhythm, which will continue until the last exam in August;

4. Study, not just 'work': too many students spend hours in front of their desks without actually studying. Studying means acquire knowledge, A day spent reading lectures without actually studying (=recording) is a wasted day. A day spent reading lectures without actually studying anything (=recording) is a day wasted;

5. Reward yourself: when you have respected the day's programme and acquired knowledge, don't hesitate to air out your body and mind (but avoid alcohol, if possible!);

5 specific tips

6. Ensure the quality of the study materials: if you know a poor material, even a perfect one, the result of the examination will be poor at best;

7. Select the relevant information from the material, and do not attempt to write a vast 800-page summary for a 1000-page course (anatomy, public law): the student does not have the time to play Egyptian scribe or medieval monk 😉

8. Understand, but also memorize We only memorise what we have understood. But what we have understood, we must memorise. Comprehension and memorization are certainly consubstantial operations; however, they are not identical;

9. Do not neglect to memorise the table of contents studied at the end of the day: this structures the knowledge by establishing it, in fact, in the long term;

10. The future is yours. Proceed methodicallyBy following these precepts, you will create sparks that will amaze you yourself 😉

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