School holidays 2023 - 2024

School holidays 2023- School holidays 2024. Official school calendar for the education networks of Flanders and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
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Many parents and students are confused by successive reforms to the school calendar. So here are the official dates for the 2023 school holidays.

As in Belgium, nothing is simple, and a distinction must of course be made between Flanders and Wallonia.

All Saints' Day holiday 2023

Voice the dates of All Saints' Day holiday 2023 in Belgium:

WalloniaMonday 23 October 2023 - Sunday 5 November 2023
FlandersMonday 30 October 2023 - Sunday 5 November 2023

Christmas holidays 2023

Voice the dates of Christmas holidays 2023 in Belgium:

WalloniaMonday 25 December 2023 - Sunday 7 January 2024
FlandersMonday 25 December 2023 - Sunday 7 January 2024

Considering a study and reinforcement course during the holidays? Check out our formulas.

Why a school placement?

A school reinforcement course during the school holidays can offer many benefits to students. Some of the main benefits of participating in a course are

Consolidate knowledge

During the school holidays, students often tend to forget some of what they have learned during the school year. A school reinforcement course allows them to review the essential notions, to consolidate their knowledge and to fill in any gaps. This allows them to start the new school term with a solid foundation.

Preparing for examinations and assessments

Our academic reinforcement courses are particularly beneficial for students who are preparing for important exams or assessments. Such as the baccalauréat, the brevet, or other school tests. These courses offer the opportunity to revise key subjects, practice exercises and receive personalised support to optimise their performance in the assessments.

Strengthening methodological skills

The school reinforcement courses are not limited to the revision of subjects. They help students to develop essential methodological skills. Such as time management, effective note-taking, study planning and learning strategies. These skills are beneficial in the long run, as they help students to become more independent and organised learners.

Benefit from personalised support

One of the major advantages of tutoring is the personal attention it gives to students. The small class size allows teachers or tutors to give individual attention to each student. They can answer their specific questions and guide them in a way that is adapted to their needs. This promotes a better understanding of concepts and faster progress.

Building self-confidence 

Our Cogito courses during the school holidays offer students the opportunity to make progress and see their own improvements. This boosts their confidence in their academic abilities and motivates them to persevere. By feeling more comfortable with school subjects, students are more likely to approach learning with a positive attitude and achieve better results.

In summary:

The academic reinforcement courses during the 2023 and following school holidays enable you to consolidate your knowledge and prepare for exams. Develop methodological skills, benefit from personalised coaching and boost self-confidence. They offer students a valuable opportunity to improve their academic performance and prepare effectively for the following school year.

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