What is school coaching?

Academic coaching is a form of tutoring that aims to help students overcome difficulties in their school career.
Student who sees the light through academic coaching

School coaches can offer advice on topics such asorganization of working time, the methodology learning, improving the quality of understanding concepts and exam preparation.

Academic coaching can be done individually or in small groups, and can include face-to-face or online sessions.

The aim is to help the student reach his or her highest potential and to give him or her the tools to continue learning independently.

For example, the study method is important because it allows for maximising the effectiveness of learning organising the time and effort devoted to study.

A good study method allows :

  • identify key concepts and information important in study subjects
  • use a calendar to plan study periods and ensure that there is enough time for each subject
  • develop techniques to memorize and retain information, such as spaced repetition or the flashcard method
  • identify weaknesses and development needs to focus efforts on areas that require improvement
  • Use a variety of techniques to understand the different types of content, active reading, diagrams, etc.
  • Allow sufficient time for rest and avoid study overload.

By using an effective survey method, the academic coaching teaches your child to focus on important information and to use his/her time effectively to achieve his/her learning goals. It is therefore important to choose a method that suits your child's personality and learning style to maximise results.

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