Private lessons in law

Private tuition in law. UCL, ULB, ULiège, UNamur, UMons, UCLouvain Saint-Louis and higher education establishments: help in public and private law
private tuition in law (support)

Private lessons in law

Private tuition in law offers a number of advantages for students and professionals wishing to expand their knowledge or improve their skills in this field.

Here are some of the advantages of private tuition in law.

Personalised learning

One-to-one tuition allows for personalised teaching tailored to the specific needs of the learner. The teacher can focus on the student's specific weaknesses and provide individualised support to overcome these difficulties.


Private tuition in law offers greater flexibility in terms of timetable and content. Students choose the timetable that suits them best and focus on the subjects that interest them most or are most relevant to their situation.

Extending your knowledge

Private tuition allows students to deepen their legal knowledge in specific areas. Students focus on subjects that are of particular interest to them or that are relevant to their future careers, giving them greater expertise in these areas.

Preparation for examinations and competitive examinations

Private tuition in law is extremely beneficial for preparing for legal exams and competitions. The teacher provides specific advice on study strategies, helps with the understanding of key concepts and offers practical exercises to reinforce the necessary skills.

Improving practical skills

In addition to theoretical knowledge, private law tuition helps develop the practical skills necessary for the legal profession, such as legal writing, research, advocacy and problem solving. Students benefit from the experience and practical advice of an experienced legal professional.

Gain in confidence

Private tuition in law helps students gain confidence in their mastery of the subject. The teacher provides encouragement and constructive feedback, enabling the student to progress and feel more comfortable in their field of study.

In conclusion, for those looking to deepen their knowledge or prepare intensively for law exams, private tuition is a valuable investment.

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