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Preparatory courses. Choosing the right preparatory course in Belgium (medicine, engineering). Five quality criteria.
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Why a preparatory course in Belgium?

Here are some of the main advantages of taking preparatory courses:

Excellent preparation for entrance examinations

The preparatory courses are specifically designed to prepare students for entrance examinations (medicine, engineering). They offer an intensive, structured academic programme covering in depth the key subjects needed to pass the exams.

Acquiring in-depth knowledge

The preparatory courses offer in-depth teaching in the scientific, technical, literary or economic fields, depending on the stream chosen. Students acquire a solid foundation of knowledge and develop analytical and logical reasoning skills.

Developing cross-disciplinary skills

The preparatory courses also encourage the development of essential cross-disciplinary skills such as rigour, autonomy, work capacity, time management and problem-solving. These skills are invaluable not only for higher education, but also for professional life.

Opening up to different perspectives

Preparatory courses often offer multidisciplinary training and enable students to develop a global and interdisciplinary vision. This fosters a broader understanding of social, economic and scientific issues. This proves useful in many careers.

Privileged access to medicine, engineering

Students on preparatory courses generally enjoy privileged access to these demanding studies. They often offer career opportunities and extensive professional networks.

Personal development

Preparatory courses are notoriously intense and demanding. Students must show perseverance, discipline and a great capacity for hard work in order to succeed. This personal challenge contributes to the development of resilience and self-confidence.

The Cogito guarantee

At Cogito, the preparatory course always begins with a precise mapping of current knowledge. We then focus on the weaknesses that have been identified. The follow-up offered is strictly individual, and tailored to the psychology of each student.

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