How to succeed in your first year at university?

Voici quelques conseils et recommandations pour réussir la première année à l'université, sur la foi des 20 années d'expérience de Cogito dans l'accompagnement vers la réussite
First-year university students
  1. Use the time before the course starts to familiarise yourself with the campusthe buildings and services on offer.

  2. Organise your time efficiently. Create a schedule to help you manage your time between lessons, homework, outdoor activities and rest periods.

  3. Take an active part in lessons. Ask questions, take part in debates and seminar discussions, and make an effort to help yourself. connect with your teachers and classmates.

  4. Take effective notes. Use note-taking techniques such as the Cornell method or the conceptual mapping method to help organise and retain information.

  5. Work as a team. Studies show that Students who work in groups tend to achieve better results. Find classmates with whom you can work on projects and homework.

  6. Take care of your mental and physical health. University can be stressful and it's important to take care of yourself by exercising regularly, eating healthily, getting regular sleep and taking time out to relax.

  7. Identify your support needs. Don't hesitate to ask your lecturers, university advisers or student support services for help if you're having trouble with your courses or if you're feeling overwhelmed.

  8. Treat yourself. University is also an opportunity to discover new things and have fun, so don't hesitate to join clubs or outdoor activities to meet people and have fun.

Learning to succeed

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