Coach helping a student
The Total Support package of full support for university students is a comprehensive and intensive solution designed to help students succeed at university.
This package includes several key elements, such as a complete diagnosis of the student's situation, a seminar on the method and organisation of academic work, planning of academic work with regular deadlines, permanent coaching until the day before the last exam and an assisted blockade.


The comprehensive diagnosis of the student's situation allows our trainers to understand the specific needs and challenges of each student so that they can adapt their support accordingly.

Working method seminar

The seminar in method and organisation of academic work helps students develop essential skills in time management, note-taking, academic writing and exam preparation.

Planning for the quadrennium

Planning academic work with regular deadlines allows students to focus on the most important tasks and to make steady progress in their work.

Permanent coaching

Ongoing coaching provides continuous support to students throughout their academic career, including up to the day before the final exam, to help them stay motivated and focused on their goal.

Assisted blockade

Finally, the assisted blockade offers an optimal study environment, with qualified instructors in the subject available to help students solve any difficulties they may encounter.

Total Support is modelled on the ancient Greek preceptorship, which involved a teacher and student for individualised instruction.

In summary

In short, our Total Support Package is the most comprehensive and intensive all-in-one study solution available in Belgium, offering personalised support to each student to help them succeed in their university studies.

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