Coaching for success at university

Coaching for success at university is aimed at higher education students (universities, colleges).
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Coaching for success at university is aimed at students from superior (universities, colleges). It offers a regular support (on average, once a week) and cross-curricular (i.e. the student is monitored and supervised in all his or her work, not just in one subject). Request for information on Cogito coaching

This coaching for success at university has two objectives:      

  1. Answering questions to explain to the student what he or she has not understood. Because many students do not understand their courses in depth, which prevents them from learning them satisfactorily;  
  2. But also to question it, to validate knowledge  

Indeed, many of our students find it difficult to evaluate themselves. Either they evaluate themselves too optimistically or, on the contrary, they evaluate themselves pessimistically.

There are a number of reasons why university students may find it difficult to assess themselves. Firstly, self-assessment can be difficult because it can be difficult to look at oneself objectively and to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, some students may have difficulty setting achievable goals and assessing their progress against these goals. Finally, some students may have difficulty concentrating on their work or managing their time effectively, which can make it difficult to assess their own performance.

Knowing whether one is really at 15/20, 12/20 or 8/20 is an important piece of information, which guides the coaching strategy. Indeed, it allows the student to know where he standsThis is done in a transparent and realistic way.

If the result is 15/20, this encourages the student to continue his excellent work. If the result is insufficient, the coach helps the student to understand the reasons and to correct without delay what needs to be corrected, in the method or in the assimilation.

The ultimate goal of the coachingHow to succeed at university The aim is to accompany the student towards success in the January session, which is often decisive for the success of the year as a whole, and then June and, if necessary, August.  

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