More and more, adults engaged in working life wish to brush up their skills in their field of specialisation or in a related field. This is the purpose of Cogito's Subject Refresher course.

Indeed, many of us are redirect as our careers progress. Or to reach new levels that require us to update our skills. Or simply seeking to enrich our world view with additional knowledge. The days when we committed ourselves to a job and a function on a permanent basis are long gone. As if there was no room for manoeuvre, no horizon for personal progression. Those days are gone.

Remise à niveau Matières, by Cogito, meets these needs. 

It all starts with an initial meeting to objectify your needs and expectations. It is important that your objectives are clearly defined. It is important that your objectives are clearly defined, so that you can determine the means to be used to achieve them.

We then select the trainer from the 1,400 profiles in the Cogito database that best meets your needs. All Cogito trainers have university degrees and are doctors, lawyers and engineers.

The trainer will draw up a work plan with you. The work will be punctuated by meetings aimed at completing and updating your knowledge in the chosen subject. And, on the other hand, to ensure that you assimilate it. 

Cogito will ensure that your new knowledge is indeed acquired.

A simple exchange of views is not what you want. 

We look forward to discussing it, meeting and progressing together!

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