The CE1D Cogito weekends on Bel-RTL!

The CE1D Cogito weekends (May-June) presented on Bel-RTL in the programme 'RTL Info 18h' with Thomas de Bergeyck
Cogito CEO

The CE1D Cogito weekends (May-June). Here is the administrator of Cogito explaining the dynamics preparation weekends for the CE1D:

He then answers Thomas de Bergeyck's question 'these weekends CE1D So are they effective for everyone?

Adolescents aged 12-13 should not be underestimated. They are eager to acquire the basic skills whose knowledge is verified by the CE1D. The CE1D is a source of stress for some teenagers (and their parents). Individualised preparation helps them to cope with this exam.

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Because of the pandemic context, many exams have been cancelled, or corrected with 'benevolence'. Pupils and their parents are therefore demanding to know the reality of their level. Indeed, some parents have taken matters into their own hands by testing their children directly. This is relatively easy with 11-13 year olds. When they see that the basic skills have not been acquired, or are only partially acquired, these parents turn to Cogito. Why do they do this? To perfect their knowledge of maths, French, science and modern languages (the four parts of the CE1D). With the CE1D Cogito weekends (May-June), the child becomes part of a complementary school/family/Cogito dynamic.

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