This week, Cogito is inaugurating its 2022-2023 cycle of training courses for adults. Including the Seminar on the Objectification of Success (SOR). These courses are aimed at all adults engaged in working life. Some want to reactivate their knowledge in a subject. Another wants to update his or her knowledge. Still others call on us to help them objectify important professional and personal decisions.

Twenty-five years of academic coaching for success! Therefore, for the past three years, we have been offering this Success Orientation Seminar (SOR) to adults in working life. 

Life coaching'? Not at all. More modestly, it is a question of using our know-how to objectify a multi-factorial situation. To find a rational path towards a previously set objective. When the objective is professional, we make use of the 1400 university profiles in the Cogito trainers' database. To light the way. 

Let's hear from one of the participants in the SOR 2021-2022: 'I am a sales engineer. Last year, I called on Cogito because I am at a point in my career where I have many opportunities. But there are also many choices to be made. It was clear that these choices would be at least partly irreversible. So I called on Cogito as a kind of 'second opinion'. To ensure that my choices were rational and that all relevant factors were taken into account'.

This testimony is an excellent illustration of our profession.

Indeed, the SOR is not a psychological consultation. It is a training in the objectification of a situation, and rational multi-factorial decision making.

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Seminar on Objectification of Success (SOR): Charting a rational path to the goal

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