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Making a success of ce1d Dutch can be learned

There are legitimate concerns about the Dutch CE1d. Many of our children have little affinity with Dutch. Therefore, we suggest that you accompany them step by step in their learning and give them confidence.

Some practical advice 

Regular attendance at lectures and active participation by asking questions and doing exercises in class is important.

Therefore, devote sufficient time to personal study outside school hours. This can include revising lessons, reading texts in Dutch and writing sentences or short texts.

Also, use online learning tools or applications to reinforce your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary in preparation for the CE1D in Dutch.

Practising Dutch as much as possible is also recommended, whether with friends, family members or native speakers.

Ask your teacher for help if you have difficulties with certain parts of the subject.

Set realistic goals and monitor them regularly.

Getting help to pass the Dutch CE1d

Get help from professional Dutch ce1d preparation seems to be the best way to ensure the success of this part of the ce1d.

Our approach at Cogito: 1. identify the gaps

It is essential to identify your child's strengths and potential weaknesses accurately before addressing them. We will start by understanding our child's specific needs and then we can address them in a targeted and effective way.

2. Assessment followed by reinforcement

An assessment by a professional tutor will help determine your child's level of preparation for the Dutch language in CE1d. This will identify areas that need strengthening. We will then proceed with active reinforcement to consolidate their preparation, focusing on those aspects of the Dutch ce1d that need it.

By following these steps you should be able to progress in Dutch and prepare for the CE1D in Dutch.

Practising with previous years' CE1Ds in Dutch

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