Passing the CE1D in math

Here's how to do math in CE1D in a more fun way
Four students take a break from learning maths to pass the CE1D

 Understanding basic concepts it's like building the foundations of a house, it's important so that it doesn't fall apart later.

Practice math every dayLike playing sports, it's like training your brain to be a professional mathematician.

Use online resources As a player uses aids to defeat the bosses of a game, it is a valuable ally.

If you have difficulties, don't hesitate to ask for helpIt's like asking a more experienced student for advice.

Use active learning methodsIt's like playing a game in survival mode, it's more fun and it's more effective.

Connecting maths to real lifeIt's like using magic potions in a game, it makes everything more interesting.

Organise like a warlordPlan your mathematical attacks and stick to your plans.

Make the most of every momentlearning math for pass the CE1D in mathIt's like playing a board game, it's fun when you have friends to play with.

Learning to succeed

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