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How to prepare for the medical entrance exam? Physics, Reasoning, Communication, Math, Chemistry, Biology
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The worst results in the history of this exam

The results of the medical entrance examination in July 2022 were the worst This is not surprising, given the unfortunate shortcomings of the last three years at the end of secondary school. This is hardly surprising if one considers the deficiencies that have unfortunately accumulated over the last three years at the end of secondary education. For three years, secondary education has suffered from the health measures put in place during the 'COVID' pandemic. As a result, many students leave secondary school with a level below that required for entry into medicine and pharmacy.

À noter que les résultats du concours furent meilleurs, même en tenant compte qu’une seule épreuve était organisée (et non deux comme les années précédentes.) Ce qui est plutôt encourageant!

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How to prepare?

Many students are looking for formulas to 'prepare for the entrance exam .' However, does a global and collective preparation, in all branches, make sense? Wouldn't it be better to first identify the subjects to be strengthened, and then to treat them by subject, in an intensive and strictly individual way? Indeed, if many students have deficiencies, they do not necessarily have them in all the subjects on which the medical entrance exam is based. It would therefore seem preferable to concentrate preparation on those subjects in which there are objective deficiencies.

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Working by subject

The principle is (1) to take stock of the student's knowledge in the subject concerned, (2) to fill in the gaps in theory, (3) to "drill" him/her in exercises that are close to the conditions of the real exam until he/she is in a position to pass the next edition of the entrance exam. Even if it is difficult, the exam is within the reach of any student prepared with seriousness and determination. We should not underestimate the 'challenge', while remaining aware that it is within our reach!

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