Learning to learn in secondary schools

Learning to learn is an important skill that can help students succeed in secondary school. There are several strategies and techniques that can help students learn more effectively
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 Setting learning goals: setting clear and specific goals for what you want to learn can help you focus and stay motivated.

Taking notes: taking notes in lectures and reading books can help to better understand and retain information.

Organising information: using mind maps, diagrams or schematics can help to organise information and link it together.

Summarise: summarise information using key words and main ideas, this allows you to focus on the essentials (in secondary school, at university there is too much material to summarise).

Repeat: repeating information regularly will help to retain it better in the long term.

Making links: making links between new information and knowledge already acquired will help to link them together.

Apply: applying the knowledge learned to real situations or problems will help to understand and use it effectively.

Ask for help: do not hesitate to ask your teacher or classmates for help when you have doubts or difficulties.

Time management: Manage your time effectively by planning activities, tasks and projects to be done in order to better focus on them.

Not all of these strategies and techniques are appropriate for everyone, it is important to find out which ones work best for each individual and to integrate them into your own learning plan.

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