Improving French in secondary school

There are several ways to improve your French in secondary school
French is spoken in Paris!

 Reading regularly in French: reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc., helps to develop vocabulary and understanding of the language.

Writing in French: writing essays, summaries, letters, etc., helps to develop written expression.

Listening to recordings in French: listening to radio programmes, podcasts, songs, etc., helps to develop your ear and accent.

Watching films and television programmes in French: watching films and television programmes in French helps to develop oral comprehension.

Practise with a 'sharp' speaker: if possible, speaking with a romance speaker is an excellent way to improve fluency and proficiency.

Use online resources: There are many websites that offer exercises, games and activities to improve your French.

Participation in lessons, participating in lessons, asking questions, participating in debates, etc., helps to develop oral and written expression skills in a school context.

Consult your teacher: Do not hesitate to consult your French teacher for personalised advice and guidance on how to improve your French.

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