How to organise your blockade at the university?

Here are some steps that can help you organise your blockade at university
Student blockade at the university

Set up a schedule Start by making a detailed plan for each day of your blockade. Include study time, breaks, meals and relaxation time.

Choose a workplace that suits you Find a place to work that suits your needs. It should be quiet, well-lit and spacious enough for you to work effectively.

Prepare your supplies: Make sure you have everything you need for work, such as books, notebooks, pens and pencils.

Plan breaks: Plan regular breaks to relax and unwind. Use these times to walk, exercise, eat a healthy meal or just relax.

Work in sessions: It is more effective to work in 90-120 minute sessions, with a short 30 minute break between each session. This will allow you to maintain your concentration and not feel overworked.

Create a suitable environment For better comfort and concentration, make sure you have the right temperature, avoid unnecessary noise and distractions, use earplugs or headphones if you need silence.

Use effective learning techniques Use effective learning techniques, such as note-taking, spaced repetition, and the flashcard method to memorise information.

Work in teams where appropriate If possible, work in a team, which can help you to concentrate, motivate and support each other.

Get enough rest Remember to get enough rest during your blockade to avoid fatigue and overwork.

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