Four qualities of successful coaching

Four essential qualities of successful coaching: qualified trainer, plan, consistency, questioning
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Four essential qualities of a coaching towards success   

1. Subject Matter Expertise

The coach should be an expert in the target subject, such as mathematics, statistics, law, chemistry, etc. He/she is able to answer all questions asked by the student and explain concepts that were not understood. He/she is able to answer all questions posed by the student and explain concepts that were not understood. This means that he/she has an appropriate degree or certification in the area of expertise.      

2. Clear work surface

The coach establishes a clear work plan to guide the student in their studies. The plan contains clear and specific learning objectives, as well as tasks and deadlines for completing them. This allows the student to follow a clear progression and measure their progress over time.      

3. Regular follow-up

The coach follows up regularly with the student, for example, by arranging a weekly meeting. This keeps the student motivated and engaged in learning. The coach provides regular support, assesses the student's progress and helps him or her overcome obstacles.    

4. Regular evaluation

The coach regularly assesses the student to see if the learning objectives are being met. This involves regular quizzes to assess the student's knowledge, so that they know if they are making progress or if they need to adjust their work plan. Regular assessment is important to keep the student focused on their learning objectives and for the coach to adapt to the student's changing needs.  

In sum, the coaching Effective teaching requires a combination of technical and pedagogical skills, as well as regular attention to the student and their needs. All of this must be done with empathy and in a positive environment that encourages learning.

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