Learn to succeed!

For 22 years, Cogito has been helping Belgian, French and Luxembourg students to succeed in their studies.

Coaching and intensive formulas are offered to them because success can be learned. In all subjects: maths lessons, chemistry lessons, Dutch lessons, preparation for the CE1d, etc.

School assistance
School assistance

Find out about our support for secondary school students

Find out more about our support for higher education students (university, college)

Higher education: You have to learn to succeed

For students in higher education (UCL, ULB, UNamur, ICHEC, HELMO, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), Universiteit Antwerpen (UA), Universiteit Gent (UGent), Universiteit Hasselt (UHasselt), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)), success can be learned:

Secondary education

For secondary school students, Cogito offers its study courses (residential or not), tutoring, a radically original remedial formula, refined over the last twenty years, and individual follow-up all year round, twelve months a year:

  • Improved school performance
  • Building self-confidence
  • Better understanding of difficult subjects
  • Development of problem-solving skills
  • Possibility to ask questions in real time.

Find out more about our ce1d preparation formulas.

Primary education: You have to learn to succeed

For primary school pupils, Cogito offers the Method & Subjects formula, to help with homework and consolidate the basics (arithmetic, spelling, conjugation, etc.)

  • Help in understanding the material
  • Development of attention and memory
  • Strengthening the fundamentals
  • Preparation for assessments
  • Better organisation and time management.

Because success can be learned!

Good academic results

Why Cogito?

Cogito's distinctive criterion is the quality of its teachers, because success is learned with professionals.

At the higher level, Cogito's trainers have a minimum of 5 years of higher education and are trained by Cogito in the best techniques for helping students pass exams.

In secondary schools, all Cogito trainers have at least a BAC+3. Method and subject managers have a minimum of 5 years of higher education and are trained by Cogito in the requirements of their job.

Every registration at Cogito starts with a preliminary interview to assess the specific needs and expectations of the student.

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norm pyramid according to Hans Kelsen

Refutation of Hans Kelsen's concept of law, by Drieu Godefridi

According to Kelsen, the norm that enshrines the arbitrariness of an authority has the highest degree of legal generality.

We begin by examining Hans Kelsen's definition of normative generality (Chapter 1), formulating our thesis. We then examine the question of whether individual norms can be deduced from general norms (Chapter 2), which will allow us to consider one of Kelsen's objections to the proposed concept of generality. Refutation of Hans Kelsen's concept of law, by Drieu Godefridi

Two schoolchildren back to school

It's back to school... again!

It's back to school... again! We hope that the new school year has gone well for you and your children. We are aware that organisational changes in schools can be surprising. However, we are confident that these changes have been put in place for the well-being and development of all pupils.